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The history of wine in our region has not been a smooth one and winemaking has had more than its faire share of ups and downs. The post-war years were one of the more difficult periods and it was only in the 1980s that a new generation refocused attention on the originality of the Alsace terroir and the quality of its wines.
Roland Schmitt was part of this new generation. With the help of a handful of like-minded fellow producers, he introduced Altenberg de Bergbieten onto the list of the first 25 Grands Crus of Alsace, drawn up in 1983. His wines attracted considerable interest in the press and within the restaurant industry through the way they brought out the expression of the terroir, Glintzberg being an excellent example. He died in an accident in 1993, just when he was gaining the recognition he amply deserved.
It was his wife, Anne-Marie, who took over the running of the estate and she now works with the couple's two son's, Bruno and Julien, to continue making wines that reflect the authentic character of the terroir around Bergbeiten.


For 10 years; Roland's wife, Anne-Marie, who had worked with him and provided support throughout the early years, took on responsibility for the winemaking. Born in Naples and a newcomer to the profession, Anne-Marie brought a fresh approach to wine-making that went beyond the "ancestral convictions" of the region, with a new dynamism which reflected her Mediterranean character.


After graduating with a degree in winemaking and oenology, Julien started working with Anne-Marie in 1999. He brought in new ideas and new techniques and has launched the vineyards on the path to biological agriculture. A firm believer in letting the grapes express themselves naturally, he followed his parents' footsteps in making wines to bring out the extraordinary character of the local terroir.


Bruno, the older brother, is a history graduate, and did not decide to go into the wine industry until he too caught the bug and joined his mother and brother in 2002. His job is marketing the wines Julien makes and handling relations with the press and the estate's customers. He was responsible for the new labels and also for most of this website.